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What we start with ActOnLearning is a platform of local programs for training & coaching with global support. These programs are Action Learning, we meet & encounter people interested in education & learning development and they shape the next programs/ interventions. We use Coaching to create awareness & hold awareness, while we build the Future for Learning we want to be part of. There are no programs without these encounters- our participants, our guests, facilitators, support & inspirational people from schools or other learning institutions inspire our work, so we are deeply appreciative of them. Welcome to this journey!

How can it work for & with you? There are different paths, most important you can create your own path with ActOnLearning.

But let’s build up an example:

1. You could start for yourself or with a peer group of 5, or for a community up to 10 or more, a „basic program” like Coaching Competences Turn Challenging Learning into Long-Lasting Benefits or Community Program.

2. You can continue the practice of those courses in the course community & add new modules like coaching steam, digit, management, global curriculum, and others.

3. Continue to practice tools from blogs.

4. Check-in for special workshops& short term events to continue support for your own process.

Teachers from Best Practices Benchmarking, observing learning outside the class, Helsinki City as Designer, project manager artist Lauri Jantti, I was facilitating this group in septemberi 2018 🙂

These programs are local programs, if you want to offer them for your community, in different languages we are BIG time supporting & encourage you to contact us with this in mind.

„This program, was totally different, it didn’t feel like a training, I felt safe & respected, appreciated”

Sorina, from Romania, Coaching Competences Turn Challanging Learning program

The course was very innovative and up-to-date. I highly  appreciate live meetings where we discussed any questions which arose and did a couple of interesting exercises like meditation and visualisation. I recommend this course to any teacher who wants to widen their horizon and knowledge.”

Katarina, teacher from Slovakia, Coaching Competences Turn Challanging Learning program

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