The powerful learning from a broken heart ( free webinar)

This format of webinar and self-research is one proposal on how we approach “difficult moments”.  I have heard it almost like a “broken record” but true “ in coaching we go for the difficult moments, we open the difficult discussions nobody will touch on and we stay there”. “Coaching feels like outsourcing the difficult discussions”.  

Arawana Hayashi, in the Awareness Leadership program from MIT, Presencing Institute talks about working our muscles, our capabilities to have a tender heart. A tender heart will accelerate the learning, as it cultivates unconditional confidence( doing the work).

Learning processes are full of broken hearts. I once did an exercise inspired by Kelvy Bird, generative scribe and faculty of MIT Presencing Institute and Anika Tonts art teacher in Estonia, collage of my broken heart, and how instead of allowing the flow and the patches I created walls. In time these walls would block these capabilities of the tender heart. 

Why do we need tender heart capacities? Humans have neurons not only in their brains, in their hearts and guts too ( hence, learning with the Heart, Heart and Hands, Pestalozzi, 19th-century pedagog), to support WeQ the intelligence of the 21st century we need integration. We need to make brave bold decisions using compassion and empathy, flowing through ups and downs, learning from the downs, learning from the difficult moments. 

Last not least, this is a time of collective trauma healing, I am not resting here a lot, this is not “my field” yet I will integrate here the words of Thomas Hubl “collective transformation of trauma, frozen reality, collective learning”.

I invite you to a prototype webinar free of charge to experiment with “learning from broken heart”. What will we do?

  • experiment the concept, scientific framing of the “broken heart” for learning purposes
  • generative scribing co-creating the my”broken heart” drawing/collage with insightful learning for the next period (acting out)
  • experience an exercise for Compassion & Bravery 

This will be a free webinar and you are welcome to offer a thank you economy gift anywhere between 20 to 50 euro/dollars. 

You will receive prior to the webinar material & pre-webinar tool for you to settle in within the topic 

Proposed date: 

12 August from 4 pm EET ( Helsinki, Bucharest, Athens Time zone), 90 min

Registration form here 

On the facilitator: Andreea Gatman- ICF Coach, Team Coach, MIT U Lab, and Awareness Leadership practitioner, BA in Political Science, MES Graz University and MBA Modul University Vienna, working with educational training programs since 2016 in Helsinki Finland. 

Some Further References:

  1. On awarness leadership & the whole body integration
  3. Pedagogy of the Oppressed and Pedagogy of the heard, books by Paulo Freire

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