Support – Coaching Support & Special Education

Absolutely everyone who passed through school needed the support system at a certain point in their student life… ( School Principal, Vantaa)

The program is built around the support & special education system in Finland. 

In the center, rests the idea to be present and catch as soon as possible the moment when support education is needed, this will create greater impact and ensure that there is an equal opportunity to learning (the right to education to all children). 

In the diagram shown you can see the 3 levels of support- for level 3 (basic one) 1 in 2 students will get some particular measure & intervention.

This is a an Action Based learning course, in which we apply the U lab model for transformative learning (MIT) build up dialogue & sustainable cooperation.

Participants will receive a Certificate from EUNEOS OY Finland.

What can you get at the end of the program?

1. Instruments you can apply in the class for each module
2. Adaptive support tools for new pedagogies
3. Teachers’ self process guideline
4. Case studies, virtual & sensing visits from Finnish schools

Program & Curriculum

Module 1

TRUST & TIME – Rebuild a trust & learning relation ( instruments and process to meet the student where s(h)e is, instead of dragging them to imposed standards.

Saturday (90 min) 11.00-12.30 (LIVE)

Module 2

Integrated curriculum supporting special& support education ( how can cultural, STEAM project & co-created learning can be part of support education)

Sunday (90 min) 11.00 -12.30 EET (LIVE)

Module 3

Action learning & wellbeing (supporting stretching the learning muscles with care to create wellbeing)

Saturday (90 min) 11.00-12.30 EET (LIVE)

How do we work

The course is organized in Google Classroom or a similar learning environment to allow participants self-directed learning ( learning at their own pace), peer learning ( practice in small circles & enrich the learning with peers), and Live Session ( 90 min for each module).

The program is 18 hours: 5 hours ( live sessions), 12 hours peer & self-directed learning, and 1-hour reflection & feedforward session.

Each module will include:

  1. Support class material, curriculum to support new pedagogy
  2. Teachers’ self process guideline
  3. Articles, podcast, video material with guests from Finnish schools
  4. Group process from LIVE sessions you can replicate in your school to support special& support education in your school
  5. Peer learning instruments to support team organization

Learning process

1. Accessing the platform getting material for my process before each MODULE Live Session
2. Take time to be present in LIVE ( for accelerated learning) 
3. Practice with each module in peer groups for focused learning
4. I practice my self process and reflection journal


Andreea Gatman – ICF Certified Coach, U Lab (MIT) practitioner, Eunos Trainer for teachers in Finland since 2016, has been both observing & training with support education & wellbeing in Finnish schools since 2016.

Nina Vuorio – special & support education teacher in 2 high schools in Vantaa, one “specialized” on mathematics the other one on Arts & Performance, before Nina was an English teacher.

Lauri Jantti – artists, support education teacher, City As Designer class learning project manager in Design Week Helsinki 2018.

Support – Coaching Support & Special Education

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