New Ways – Coaching strategies for new learning ways & spaces

“ The main challenge is that our information goes into our pockets, so what we need to do is design the environments so people can collaboratively build and create knowledge together. it is important for learning but leadership as well… you must get everyone’s intellectual capacity contributing (Kirsti Lonka, Director, Research Group for Educational Psychology, University of Helsinki”

“ I want all the kids to be able to experience a school just like this…the school in the cloud” (Thinklink creator, UNESCO prize winner for education apps, Ulla Koivula, in the EduDay Helsinki April 2019)

Ergonomy of learning & schooling to respond to the unpredictable context

the FLOW model to co-create learning in schools & class Research Group for Educational Psychology

The program is Action Based learning Program and Activate Student-Teacher Model. Bringing the observations for collective learning purpose from Living Lab classrooms in Vantaa and new design school to meet the 21st-century education context. 

The program is offered in partnership with EUNEOS OY Finland, participants will receive a certificate from the Finnish provider.

What can you get at the end of the program?

1. Support process & material for learning and school ergonomy to allow new learning to happen
2.Socio-technologies to support the process for school development with blended learning
3. Scenario-based practice for the “future of education”, to allow proactive decision making in unpredictable and volatile contexts
4. Case studies/ virtual visit in the Finnish new learning environments

Program & Curriculum

Transforming learning and schooling as we know to allow actions shaped by the future(thinking) rather than the patterns of the past.

Module 1

Mindset –  How to support a context that will motivate teachers to collaborate and feel good about?

Tuesday (90 min) 18.00-19.30 EET (LIVE)

Module 2

Immersing learning spaces –Students activating, allowing learning to happen in different ways

Wednesday   (90 min) 18.00-19.30 EET (LIVE)

Module 3

Ergonomics of communication- opening up the school to the world (communication with parents & other stakeholders, get communities involved)

Thursday (90 min) 18.00-.19.00 EET (LIVE)


The course is organized in Google Classroom or a similar learning environment to allow participants self-directed learning ( learning at their own pace), peer learning ( practice in small circles & enrich the learning with peers), and Live Session ( 90 min for each module). 

The program is 18 hours: 5 hours ( live sessions), 12 hours peer & self-directed learning, and 1-hour reflection & feedforward session.

Each module will include:

1. Support material for own learning (own organizing process) inspired by good practices in Finnish schools
2. Hybrid education tools (digital education tools, to be used in the online classroom or in the school classroom)
3. Practice of own redesign process (adaptive) – LIVE process
4. Additional resources for each topic covered

Learning process

1. Practice reflection, based on the materials provided before each LIVE session, you will have supporting journaling questions to guide you
2. Ask questions anytime, facilitators & guests will answer in Q&A recorded sessions
3. Peer practice for focused work, getting feedback & insights for your prototyping
4.Participate in LIVE sessions for accelerated learning, creating a network of schools & ideas to allow future scenarios to be shaped
5. Self-reflection after each module for your self competencies process


Andreea Gatman – ICF certified Coach , ICF Team Certified Coach, U Lab from MIT practitioner, EUNEOS Trainer in Helsinki for programs like New Learning Ways & Spaces- What next in Finnish Classroom?, School Development, Best Practices Benchmarking in Finland and Estonia and others. MBA in PGM Modul Vienna, MA in European Studies Graz Universities.

Arto Martikainen , school Principal & coordinator for his school redesign to meet the new learning ways & spaces demands of the new curriculum. Other guests & experts from Vantaa Municipality Digital Eco-system.
New Ways – Coaching strategies for new learning ways & spaces

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