Integrative Practices -Leadership in the classroom!

The use of awarness (self-actualization) practices to lead the class- to augment teacher and student wellbeing in order to move from “burned-out teachers” and “learned-out students” to new learning.

“Surrounding culture, our habits, our lifestyle has a huge impact on how our brain is wired” (Lonka, 2018)

Neuro-science to support “new learning” & new pedagogies

The course is based on contemplative learning techniques (embodiment) to support intrinsic & highly motivational learning. The course combines the science behind „activating learning” published by the research team led by Kirsti Lonka, Faculty of Educational Psychology, Helsinki University, and the practice (methods and tools of social & contemplative technologies) of U-lab MIT.

The brain is a cultural organ, the way we meet others & stimuli for environment set the tone on how and what we learn long term” (Suzanne O’Sullivan neurologist and author)

What can I get at the end of the program?

The course covers a wide range of topics that schools need to consider and tackle when introducing/enhancing leadership in their school:

  • Wellbeing in the classroom, in school taking good care of oneself and the others in the community
  • Self leadership for students & teachers, autonomous teachers & autonomous learners
  • Self regulation & co regulation between teachers & students cultivate a space of learning, stretching skills and wellbeing, avoid burnouts for teachers and students and boredom
  • Foster culture of trust (growth) in schools , model for sharing learning and education process teachers-students
  • Build on strength, approach weakness as a development opportunity, celebrate owns success
  • Support metacognitive skills in each school subject
  • Building up WEQ! From IQ to EQ to WEQ
  • Inclusive education and holistic learning
  • Combat teachers burnouts ( plan your activity, teach the essential, activate students and share responsibility for learning, joy of learning)
  • Students as change agents ( activate, listen, empower) cultivate engagement rather than motivation of students ( combat boredom and stress to allow optimum cooperative learning for students and teachers)
  • Creating environment to expand and stretch skills- conditions for deep learning.
  • Learning from the future, learning agent. Playfulness and creativity- making space for new learning, re- creating the environment as we know.

The course methodology integrates workshops which will include elements from performance arts, contact improvisation, socio (theater) drama, voice work, mindfulness and other embodiment practices and exploring how these practices can be connected with development of competences such as initiative, entrepreneurship (entrepreneurial) , social and civic skills also to support metacognitive competences. The entire process will be based on principles and values of non-formal education and experiential learning. Participants will have a chance to work and self-reflect, peer learning and group learning.

Program & Curriculum

Open Webinar to all get experience the model for this program

Module 1 

Self-leadership   &   awareness; how do we teach self-leadership   

Module 2

Active & Centered Listening/ Engagement Education;   how do we practice the silent teacher

Module 3

Insightful based learning; How do we  use everyday insights to support critical thinking & scientific thinking

Module 4

Wellbeing Lab- supporting the intelligence of the class ( from IQ  to EQ to WeQ) “ the time of lonely genius is over”

Module 5

Wellbeing Lab- supporting the intelligence of the class ( from IQ  to EQ to WeQ) “ the time of lonely genius is over”


The course is organized as such to allow participants self-directed learning (learning at their own pace), peer learning ( practice in small circles & enrich the experience with peers), and Action Based Learning when we are in the 5 days training program.


Course Location for the 11th-15th June 2023 edition of the course, Karlskrona, Sweden, known as Sweden’s only baroque city, we will be hosted by a very special school and representative location for wellbeing and wellness. 

Participants or any interested participants that would like to find out more about the place will receive access to Practical Information and pre-course package materials, that include information about the location, accommodation, and getting there.

Each module will include:

1. Your self-learning process ( guidelines)
2. Curriculum- class instruments & practices
3. Practicing process & experiential based learning, peer acceleration feedback
4. Reading materials ( videos, podcasts, articles)

Be part of Upscaling Community of Learning

After the end of the program, all participants will have the possibility to register and be part of our University of Teachers practice academy, more information will be offered ( there will be no additional cost for the Registered Participants)

Learning process

The Integrative Practices – Leadership in the Classroom aims at adopting future skills: creativity, problem solving skills, communication skills, co-operation skills as essential to understanding of true essence of leadership. The target group for this course are teachers all levels interested in skills to support new learning ways, new pedagogies, special education teachers, sport teachers, sport coaches, teachers trainers, teachers evaluators/assessing teachers performance, career officers, educational counselors, school principals and managers (school leaderships). Some of the main topics of the course cover: Wellbeing in the classroom, support& special education toolkit, showing up fully in the classroom (inner process of the teacher) leadership and social activism, care for one self the other and the place (nature), autonomous teachers and autonomous learners- a space to practice trust and building relation, self-regulation and co-regulation between teachers and students cultivate a space of meaningful learning, stretching skills and resilience. 


You might like to go ahead and see this blog resource about the learning experience during our 2022 program here




Andreea Gatman – ICF Certified Coach , Trainer for New learning spaces, School Development, Coaching Competencies Turn Challenging Learning, Integrated Curriculum& Teaching Global Skills, Leadership& Embodiment Practices, has been facilitating training in Finland since 2016. U-Lab & Leadership Awareness from MIT practitioner. Trainer in Finland for Finnish education system since 2016 in partnership with the largest Erasmus training provider from Finland.

Irina Sadakova –  educational facilitator & U Lab practitioner MIT, Qi gong guide, adult education teacher, and EPALE ambassador; MA in Educational Science, specialization on Embodiment Practices and Polyvagal Method, Releasing Trauma Instruments.

"I want to start immediately with smaller things (like pupils creating their own learning environment), and eventually take on bigger exercises (like creating the connection between mind and body in order to stimulate creativity, reflection, motivation …)"
English Teacher, Latin Teacher, Belgium

"I hope the good vibe stays with me! I really used some tips already when things went wrong. We will make some reminders and give small courses to collegues to build on this experience for the whole team!
Project Coordinator, Math Teacher, Belgium

I hope to continue performing the dynamics learned. I recommend the course as personal experience.
School Administration, Spain

Integrative Practices -Leadership in the classroom!

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