Integrated Skills – Teaching Global Curriculum

Why not do it integrated skills, teaching global curriculum, lets reverse all of it” ( Katie, teacher Netherlands).

Sustainable learning

Sustainable curriculum- „living what we learn”, UN model for Global Curriculum & U Lab methodology building ecosystems for learning. Course will be based on Action Learning Model.

Participants will receive certificate from EUNEOS OY Finland, partner with ActOnLearning.

Education for Sustainable Development GoalsLearning ObjectivesEducation for Sustainable Development Goals: Learning ObjectivesUNESCO

What to expect at the end of the program

1. Tools for each module & support to include them in your class ( curriculum)
2. Adaptive tools supporting rethinking resilient community of learning ( new pedagogies tools)
3. Working on your own process, self-actualizing ( tools for teacher as an active researcher)
4. Case studies & guests to support your inspiration

Program & Curriculum

Open Webinar to all get experience the model for this program

Module 1

Ethics & Technology ( building global curriculum with my students)

Friday 21st May (90 min) 17.00-18.30 (LIVE)

Module 2

Eco-systems& future thinking- sustainable education ( living what we learn, using megatrends and social technologies for learning networks)

Saturday 22nd May (120 min) 10.00 -12.00 (LIVE)

Module 3

Gamification& multiliteracy (post humanistic approach to gamification)

Saturday 28th May (90 min) 10.00 – 11.30  (LIVE)


The course is in google classroom environment, using instruments for self reflection, peer learning & group dynamics. Google classroom it is used for the purpose of immitating the ergonomics of learning and allowing creative process of redesign to be fostered, easily accessed by participants.

The program is 18 h learning: 5 h (Live) & 12 h independent/ asyncron/peer learning co-facilitated by the Trainers with 1 h feebach&feedforward session after the end of the program.

Each module will include:

1. Support material for your self learning & process ( tools & learning journal)
2. Video materials ( with guest speakers) & articles & podcasts
3. Your own redesign process practice during LIVE sessions
4. Additional resources for each module

Your own learning path ( an example)

1. I join the program, access the platform & get the introduction guide & learning path, I join a peer group
2. I start the module, practice reflection, self paced studying, co assisted by facilitator& ask questions & self evaluate- 2h/module, in total 6 h
3. Participate in LIVE sessions & practice
Working in small groups (peer) – 1 hour/module total 3 h
4. Reflection & practice tools for own prototyping- 1h per/module, total 3h


Andreea Gatman – Andreea Gatman – ICF Certified Coach , Trainer: New learning spaces, School Development, Coaching Competencies Turn Challenging Learning, Integrated Curriculum& Teaching Global Skills, Leadership& Embodiment Practices, has been facilitating training in Finland since 2016.

Tuovi Ronkainen – teacher, Principal, education expert for Finnish schools outside Finland, Open University for Future Thinking and now again class teacher 🙂

Integrated Skills – Teaching Global Curriculum

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