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Be the change you want to see out there in education and community. Where do we start? we start from where we are, exactly from there. ” The Finnish and Scandinavian education success is taking a success case study and making it available to absolutely everyone.” (Otto Scharmer, MIT) Use Job shadowing concept to grow in the Finnish context your own educational prototype.

Teachers need a whole new repertory of methodology/language/behaviors to help their students be able to make sense as well as to acquire needed inner ways for self-actualisation. Create educational prototyping that would allow students to access the knowledge that would empower them to be lifelong learners ( meaning building an image as the one learning), as well as live MORE FULLY in a world of wicked problems. The Finnish Education Vision is that of citizens able ” to make democratic decisions with respect to humans (I add) and more than human rights”. In a world of multiple disruptions and exponential technologies, we support teachers in acquiring beyond horizontal, vertical skills, the development of the self ( UN agenda for Inner Skills). 

Immersing in the social field of Education and imagining our Educational Prototype

source of the picture: Kelvy Bird, 

The program is Experience Based Learning, Putting Learning Relation in the middle of your educational project (prototype).  

What can you get at the end of the program?

This is an intensive program for teachers, and educational experts interested in experience-based learning/ action research, immersing in the Finnish education context. Expect that you will immerse into Finnish educational system so as you grow your own prototype, do a systemic mock up acceleration of it while you are there and then you take good care of it back home in your respective reality, to grow and scaffold.

Learning & listening to nature; the program will be hosted in the Helsinki area, bathing in the nearby forests/ empathy nature walks, as well as exploring new social spaces. is expected together with “creating” your own Finnish education project idea.

1. Support process & material for learning and school organization to allow new learning to happen
2. Socio-technologies to support the process for school development with blended learning
3. Scenario-based practice for the “future of education”, to allow proactive decision-making in unpredictable and volatile contexts

4. Develop and practice new teaching & learning routines that will prevent teachers’ burnout and students’ learn out.

5. Case studies, creating your own Educational Prototype from Finland into your class

6. Creating an ecosystem “mock-up”  ( to include students, teachers, and parents)

Program & Curriculum

Transforming learning and schooling as we know to allow actions shaped by the future (thinking) rather than the patterns of the past.

Module 1

Mindset Shift Listening (active and centered), the “silent” Teacher 

Module 2

Awareness, unlearning building learning around challenge

Module 3

Prototyping & accelerator, building up a community of learning (co-learning& co-creating)


The course is organized in a blended learning approach. Each participant will receive all materials & learning experiences ahead in a virtual classroom environment. While in Helsinki we focus on experience-based learning and deepening practice. Each module will actually include your TRUE work on building your own prototype (project, your Finnish Teaching to take back to your school and class).  The learning ( with immersing experience in learning environments) will be organized in Helsinki Metropolitan area (including Helsinki, Vantaa and Espoo) we will learn in an urban context. Participants will receive a participant guidelines (that includes accommodation recommended information, local transportation, and cultural setting). To immerse in the local learning experience, the first day will include social-cultural touring. Everyday you will have peer and mentoring/coaching meetings after the Module that would support you in Building your OWN prototype/project. 

Why Finland, Helsinki?

It is a place where I found resilience, re-birth out of the most difficult conditions, challenges & peace cohabit, innovation, permanent movement.


We will stay in a neighborhood of creation- with an amazing force of transformation, near the sea, we will learn on different small islands near the capital. Helsinki is a capital that seems a village, welcoming power learning  🙂

This event accommodates up to maximum 15 participants. Participants will pay separately for accommodation, food & transportation, each potential participant will receive access to participants guide that would inform them on this experience and location. We will offer all participants recommendations on traveling, accommodation, participants will have access to learning environment and practice community before and after the program.

Job shadowing?

This program is another way of approaching job shadowing in Finland, creating a support team and context in which not only “see what Finnish teachers do/live/are” but make up your own mind, create your own learning project that upscales in the local context of participants. The program can be adapted on demand to 5 days, for that and for concept agenda contact us via the registration form or via email

Learning process

This program is a sustainable learning path- how we approach “difficult moments” and create the opportunity for meaningful teaching& learning. Instead of resisting, we face the challenge and create a container that will allow us safely and trustfully to “become one with the challenge”.

We will practice our capabilities to have an open mind, heart, and will to accelerate learning, and cultivate unconditional confidence (doing the work) indifferent to external conditions. 


We will also create and learn to develop containers ( community) that will support us, like a nurturing place in which we continue to go as we continue our work and being once back into our environment. The experience itself grows with you, it cross-pollinates, it is not a simple event, moment fading. 

1. Practice reflection, based on the materials provided before each LIVE session, you will have supporting journaling questions to guide you 2. Ask questions anytime, facilitators & guests will answer in Q&A recorded sessions 3. Peer practice for focused work, getting feedback & insights for your prototyping 4.Participate in LIVE sessions for accelerated learning, creating a network of schools & ideas to allow future scenarios to be shaped 5. Self-reflection after each module for your self competencies process


Andreea Gatman – ICF certified Coach , ICF Team Certified Coach, U Lab from MIT practitioner, EUNEOS Trainer in Helsinki for programs like New Learning Ways & Spaces- What next in Finnish Classroom?, School Development, Best Practices Benchmarking in Finland and Estonia and others. MBA in PGM Modul Vienna, MA in European Studies Graz Universities.


Lauri Jäntti Ph.D. researcher in geography and project-based learning, local artist and urban, MA in Cultural Studies, previous experience based learning with special education class

Helsinki Studio- “future proof” your educational project

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