Coaching Strategies Emerging LEADERSHIP in the Classroom

Leadership, as the ability to “leap forward” to act in a certain situation differently, to see new perspectives.

“ Leadership is to evoke people’s reverence, appreciation and gratitude for the miracle of life” (Joana Macy) 


Transformative teaching as Restorative Leadership in the classroom

 Classrooms (learnig spaces) are as depleting as the extractive mindset we built around nature. ‘We are producing results nobody seem to want”(Otto Scharmer, MIT, Leadership and 21st century Reimagining Higher Education).

The Burnout in teachers and learn out in students bring to the surface a clearer sense of the learning happens in relation, allowing bypassing hidden dynamics,  and emerging possibilities inherent motivation with teams of teachers become possible. It allows co-creators in a given class micro system to gain insight backed by pedagogical critical thinking, into the current situation, seeing potential opportunities for (continous)change. It sets the ground for creative collective action.

Learning from multiple languages (identities) has the potential to offer context for practicing multiple perspectives (coaching in the classroom) and nonjudgement approach to curriculum and learning allows long-term positive impact – performing or acting with our learning. Teachers and students “shaping realities” (sense making).



The course is offered for Swedish consortium of Adult education schools and institutions, in Stockholm.

Module 1

Positive Development 

Technical vs Adaptive problems responding with appropriate tools: an infinite mindset of learning in the classroom; the fluidity of roles who is the teacher who is the learner; shared responsibility and learning happens in relation); keeping the process of learning instead of results; mistakes as proof of innovation.

Skills practiced: Positive Development as engaging and building up on students and teachers agency (Vertical Development in the Classroom), building on strengths

Module 2
Co-sencing Practicing listening levels & proprioception 

Skills practiced: creating systemic education model for the class, leadership and unlearning, supporting criticalically approaching an issue, time perception essential for self management

Module 3

Integrative Leadership

Skills practiced: presencing, social presencing theater for future skills, the silent pedagogy allowing more facilitation in the classroom; working and teaching in paradoxical situations (our 21st century world) holding both patience and urgency as sources of creativity and resilience

Module 4

Learning Happens in Relation (trauma awareness

Making new learning possible ( antidote for burnout teachers and learnout students) as what happens in the classroom MATTERS , on that process tolerating confusion as proof of innovation.

Skills practiced: self directed learning, compassion and empathy, inherent motivation, teachers as active researchers, time as priorities in a world of unexpected concomitent climate challanges

Tools practiced

Aestatique Cards Language for vertical (positive) development

Social Presencing Theater (MIT) Awarness Leadership

Game Based Learning- Moving through Paradoxes (Positive Development)

At the end of the course...

  1. Tools for each module & support to include them in your class as everyday practices
  2. Silence pedagogy, teaching with resilience and leadership awarness
  3. Working on your own process, self-actualizing ( tools for teacher as an active researcher) as well as wellbeing for teams of teachers
  4. Case studies  to support your inspiration

Possible learning path

  1. Practice peer learning ( instruments offered as support for peer practice- democratically led facilitation)
  2. Accelerate the learning with each Module ( a shares space for generating insights backed by critical assessment)
  3. Apply in real environment instruments & your prototype for each module & self reflect based on the feedback from the class


Andreea Gatman –  ICF Certified Coach, U Lab (MIT) practitioner, Eunos Trainer in Finland for programs like Integrated Curriculum Teaching Global Skills, Coaching Strategies for Schools, New Learning Ways & Environments, School Development together with Forum Schule Germany. Humphrey Fellow 2023-2024 for Educational Strategies and Policies, Peabody College Vanderbilt University, MBA in Public Governance Modul University Vienna, BA in Political Sciences.

Coaching Strategies Emerging LEADERSHIP in the Classroom

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