Embodiment: Learning and motivation – strategies for smart teaching

The use of contemplative technologies (embodiment) to lead the class- to augment teacher and student wellbeing in order to move from “burned-out teachers” and “learned-out students” to new learning.

“Surrounding culture, our habits, our lifestyle has a huge impact on how our brain is wired” (Lonka, 2018)

Neuro-science to support “new learning” & new pedagogies

The course is based on contemplative learning techniques (embodiment) to support intrinsic & highly motivational learning. The course combines the science behind „activating learning” published by the research team led by Kirsti Lonka, Faculty of Educational Psychology, Helsinki University, and the practice (methods and tools of social & contemplative technologies) of U-lab MIT.

Course offered in partnership with EUNEOS OY Finland EUNEOS OY Finlanda.

What can I get at the end of the program?

1. Socio technologies to support peer learning
2. How to use contemplative technologies for highly motivational learning (curriculum)
3. Teacher’s Guide Motivation & Contemplative for Strong Learning
4. A common set of tools to use in class

Program & Curriculum

Open Webinar to all get experience the model for this program

Module 1

Building on the relationship, trust, and practice active & centered listening (setting premises for deep learning & insightful learning)

Friday (90 min) 6.00-7.00 pm EET

Module 2

Creating premises for smart learning – using social technologies to practice focused work & stretching(deep) learning ensuring the wellbeing

Saturday (90 min) 11.00-12.30 EET (LIVE)

Module 3

Sensing ( cultivating multiple attention) & learning with unpredictable, integrative practices

Saturday (90 min) 11.00 – 12.30 EET (LIVE)


The course is organized as such to allow participants self-directed learning (learning at their own pace), peer learning ( practice in small circles & enrich the experience with peers), and Live Session ( 90 min for each module). 

The program is 18 hours: 5 hours ( live sessions), 12 hours peer & self-directed learning, and 1-hour reflection & feedforward session

Each module will include:

1. Your self-learning process ( guidelines)
2. Curriculum- class instruments & practices
3. Practicing process & coaching supervision –LIVE session
4. Reading materials ( videos, podcasts, articles)

Learning process

1. Accessing the platform getting each material for my own process before each MODULE Live Session
2. Take time to be present in LIVE ( for accelerated learning)
3. Practice with each module in peer groups for focused learning
4. I practice my self process and reflection journal


Andreea Gatman – ICF Certified Coach , Trainer for New learning spaces, School Development, Coaching Competencies Turn Challenging Learning, Integrated Curriculum& Teaching Global Skills, Leadership& Embodiment Practices, has been facilitating training in Finland since 2016. U-Lab & Leadership Awareness from MIT practitioner.

Irina Sadakova –  educational facilitator & U Lab practitioner MIT, Qi gong guide, adult education teacher, and EPALE ambassador.


Embodiment: Learning and motivation – strategies for smart teaching

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