Community – Coaching for the learning community

„Time & attention, this is what is asked for learning” (special education teacher, school Vantaa)

”What I want most this year is listen more to my students and allow them to be” ( Ulli, teacher from Germany )

” What was needed most during this pandemic was finding ways to support self-learning for my students, encourage them with that” ( Annika, teacher from Estonia)

Distributive leadership for education (re-creating learning relations)

The course is built on 2 models the one of the post humanistic approach to learning to support post-truth world in which we educate today & stakeholder engagement from U Lab MIT.

The Methodology of the course

Competences we practice in this program:

  1. Listening – different levels of listening, active & centered listening practice & tools
  2. Holding space – building conversation & dialogue
  3. Self-leadership – unlearning& learning
  4. Selfactualization – future thinking & foresight competence

What to expect at the end of the program

1. Tools for each module & support to include them in your community.
2. Adaptive tools supporting rethinking resilient community of learning
3. Working on your own process, self-actualizing
4. Case studies & guests to support your inspiration


If you are a parent & you support self-paced learning, if you are interested in learning& practicing unlearning, self-regulation & co-regulation for blended education, if you are a community supporting distributed leadership for education, or association of parents interested in 21st-century schooling & education, YES! You can also be a person interested in future foresight thinking & education, just come in! 🙂

Program & Curriculum

Recreating learning communities to support distributed leadership for education, allowing new narratives for schools & education.

Module 1

Building engagement for the 21st-century learning competencies

Module 2

Future foresight thinking ( tools, methods, inquiry-based learning)

Module 3

Learning & wellbeing – „we all have the right to learn & live in peace”


Using collaborative learning platform & instruments for self-reflection, peer learning & group dynamics. 

The program consists of 18 h learning.

Each module will include:

1. Support material for your self learning & process ( tools & learning journal)
2. Video materials ( with guest speakers) & articles & podcasts
3. Your own redesign process practice during LIVE sessions
4. Additional resources for each module

Your own learning path ( an example)

1. I join the program, access the platform & get the introduction guide & learning path, I join a peer group
2. I start the module, practice reflection, self-paced studying, co assisted by the facilitator, ask questions & self evaluate
3. Participate in LIVE sessions & practice
4. Working in small groups (peer) 
5. Reflection & practice tools for own prototyping


Andreea Gatman – ICF certified Coach , ICF Team Certified Coach, U Lab from MIT practitioner, EUNEOS Trainer in Helsinki for programs like New Learning Ways & Spaces- What next in Finnish Classroom?, School Development, Best Practices Benchmarking in Finland and Estonia, and others. 

Lauri Jantti, artists & support education teacher, coordinating educational projects like City as Designer, multidisciplinary approach to both support education and artistic projects.

Tonya Aurto 16 years of experience in school relations, Tonya has a great overview & understanding of learning relations, analytical & focused video materials from this program, due to her contribution.

Community – Coaching for the learning community

Would you like to join us?

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