Coaching Strategies -Turn Challenging Learning into School Development

“The best way to know another is to understand your experience” ( Stephen L. H. Murphy-Shigematsu, Psychology of Education, Stanford University)


We are collectively creating results nobody wants

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Coaching Strategies support team teaching during challenging times and challenging learning, systems thinking approach to change, support school culture of cooperation and trust. Coaching strategies to move away from teachers’ burnout (as well as students learn out), and to support school development. During the course, we will practice Coaching Model U-school from MIT for systems change. 

The course is an Action Based Learning/ Experience Based Learning  that will allow you to:

  1. Access learning  at your own pace & have a supporting framework
  2. Create peer learning & share learning space with other teachers
  3. Follow and apply tools – for each module in your real class environment
  4. Accelerate learning with reflecting back on your own work/ prototyping
  5. Learn by journaling with case studies & visits from Finnish schools

What can you get at the end of the program?


If you are a teacher with keen interest in performing school culture, wellbeing of your teachers and students and expanded community of learning, strengthening coaching competencies to support your 21st century education school culture for autonomous teachers and students, if you support practicing unlearning as much as learning for critical thinking and decision making capital of teachers, self-regulation & co-regulation for new learning ways and education, you can expect a context to practice toolkit for Coaching Strategies with Systemic thinking approach.  

Program & Curriculum

Kick Off meeting – how do we organize & work during this course

Module 1

Practicing multiple perspectives – U school model for 4.0 schools (emerging leadership)

Module 2

From a mindful to heartful education- education of 21st-century (practicing active listening, centered listening, as school leadership)

Module 3

New Emergent School Leadership- stewardship ( from school prototyping to crystalisation); Innovation Context

Module 4

Diversity and Inclusion – “immunity” to change, artful communication skills

Module 5


Social capital of teachers- decision-making ability & act


The course is organized in a blended learning approach. Each participant will receive all materials & learning support ahead. While in onsite we focus on experience-based learning and deepening practice. We will offer to participants guideline for accommodation and local travel as well as cultural context. After the course participants will have access to a community of practice platform to continue the learning, deepen the practice, receive and offer feedback to the participants from the course. We will provide concept agenda to all interested participants.

Course location: Helsinki Metropolitan Area


This course can be organized upon request in your own school environment, contact us at 


Andreea Gatman – ICF certified Coach , ICF Team Certified Coach, U Lab from MIT practitioner, EUNEOS Trainer in Helsinki for programs like New Learning Ways & Spaces- What next in Finnish Classroom?, School Development, Best Practices Benchmarking in Finland and Estonia and others. 

Tonya Aurto 16 years of experience in school administration,  Tonya has a great overview & understanding of learning relations, analytical & focused video materials from this program, due to her contribution.

What people say?

I would like to share with others the enthusiasm that we have a chance for humanity to take education to that level where it will be a source of trust, creativity and health. I see myself transforming into a functional skill everything I learned in this course on a theoretical and practical level.
Dan Mitrut
Coach, Mentor& Class Teacher, Romania
I highly reccomend, the teacher was amazing, the program was well thought through; amazing learning spaces and guests. I will take many things from this experience, many things: starting from very practical group coaching methods, ending with everyday mindfulness experience to attarct attention, to be in the moment, to let the learnign happen.
Merle Nestra
Teachers Mentor, Swedish Teachers, Estonia
It was the best and most precious week of my life. How will I use something from the course one year from now.....I have to make eye contact to motivate students. I should listen to my students and not belittle their problems.
School Principal, Turkey
I would like to say that my experience from the course has helped open my eyes and ears and has changed my philosophy and the way I treat students, my colleagues and the learning process in general. I realize day by day that I find every day in front of me what I saw I heard and felt in this course and all this creates the need for me to act experimenting and following my instinct.
Evaggelia Kyriazi
High School Literature and History Teacher, Greece
Coaching Strategies -Turn Challenging Learning into School Development

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