Coaching STEAM – Supporting integrated competencies

„Be inspired by the context, spread the word and allow learning to happen” ( Jarmo Palola, artist & art teacher Vantaa)

“For educators, the COVID-19 Pandemic is a quintessential adaptive and transformative challenge, one for which there is no preconfigured playbook that can guide appropriate responses.  Education leaders must swiftly design responses – and with specific,  contexts in mind – as the pandemic runs its course (OECD 2020)

“During CoVid we have done a lot of adapting and focusing on virtual teaching. One point of view could be this process on how we changed our working mode into something suitable during corona time” ( IDA Ruuth, Junior LAB Aalto University) 


Organizing STEAM- ergonomy of teaching & learning innovation education

The course is based on Student Activating & engaging learning. The program is offered in partnership with EUNEOS OY Finland and certification will be offered with the Finnish training provider.

Course offered in partnership with EUNEOS OY Finland, participants receive certification.

At the end of the course...

  1. Co-created lessons ( prototyping lessons) evolved during the course
  2. Socio technology frame to support your peer learning & teaching (organizing co-teaching for STEAM)
  3. How to use generative scribing to support science thinking ( Art in STEAM) 
  4. Teacher’s self process for Coaching STEAM
  5. Toolkit for the class with as well examples from Finnish & Estonian classes

Program & Curriculum

Webinar 15.01.2021 – deschis tuturor, experimentarea metodei de lucru Coaching Steam

Module 1

Learning diary to support STEAM & integrative competencies

Module 2

Critical thinking- how to use prototyping & everyday insights

Module 3

Teaching ART ( STEAM) to practice “multiliteracy” competency 


The course is organized in Google Classroom or a similar learning environment to allow participants self-directed learning ( learning at their own pace), peer learning ( practice in small circles & enrich the learning with peers), and Live Session ( 90 min for each module).

The program is 18 hours: 5 hours ( live sessions), 12 hours peer & self-directed learning, and 1-hour reflection & feedforward session.


Each module will include

  1. Your self-learning practice guide inspired from class observations in Finnish & Estonian schools ( & not only)
  2. Instruments to support your STEAM during blended learning ( both online & onsite, adaptive to “ STEAM in the kitchen”)
  3. Co-learning space for transformative learning- LIVE sessions process you can repeat with colleagues in school 
  4. Additional resources for each module for you to follow up on

Possible learning path

  1. Practice reflection & action learning with class material for each module
  2. Practice peer learning ( instruments offered as support for peer practice) for each module ( democratically led facilitation)
  3. Accelerate the learning with LIVE sessions ( a shares space of “supervision” & generating new learning)
  4. Apply in real environment instruments & your prototype for each module & self reflect based on the feedback from the class

Echipa programului

Andreea Gatman –  ICF Certified Coach, U Lab (MIT) practitioner, Eunos Trainer in Finland for programs like Integrated Curriculum Teaching Global Skills, Coaching Strategies for Schools, New Learning Ways & Environments, School Development together with Forum Schule Germany

Annika Tonts – Artist and art teacher in Pelgulinna Gymnasium, Tallinn, you can follow on Annika’s art & expositions here instagram.

Together with guests & interviews from Finnish schools & STEAM centers

Coaching STEAM – Supporting integrated competencies

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