Caregivers fatigue- Practicing Awareness Leadership

“In these busy and distracted times, finding authenticity in intention and action can be challenging.” (Arawana Hayashi, MIT Presencing Institute)

Moving from caregivers burnout with awareness leadership


Especially during COVID 19 and with all new volatile, brittle, unpredictable (called VUCA or BANI) problems or events around the world, yest especially the health urgency of COVID 19 left caregivers- the ones dedicating the work for health, education ( and others) with unsustainable work. By sustainable work we understand work where one fills up, there is a certain mutuality that iterate and leave both parties learning and self fulfilled. At the end of the day, the caregiver continues with hobbies, with walks in nature without feeling empty cup and that the rest of the activities need to either compensate for that ( to ensure mental wellbeing) or take a toll on those, which means “no time” for them. This leadership awareness process and practice skills will create the movement from the fatigue to the action confidence ( the open mind, open heart and open will. The movement of the action and work that is sustainable, that feel effortless.

Insightful based learning

This is an action-based learning program. Insightful based learning, means you explore within yourself multiple scenarios, iterations within your own experiences yet in the same time integrating and being open to future scenarios ( future foresight).

” Insight learning refers to the sudden realization of the solution of any problem without repeated trials or continuous practices;  insight learning is the type of learning, in which one draws on previous experience and also seems to involve a new way of perceiving logical and cause-and-effect relationship” ( Wolfgang Köhler).

Module 1 Slowing Down- practicing ability to notice, to move through different levels of listening

Module 2 Compassion to support empathy- moving from burnout

Module 3 Action Confidence- creating a support context

Module 4 Integrating and “holding all” capacity- creating safe container

Insightful Based learning 

Develop WeQ, collective intelligence: we articulate & co-create from a generative dialogue, not only enlarging our perspectives for solutions we search, we as well integrate the knowing of the brain with the knowing of the heart ( EQ) with the knowing of the hands (acting & prototyping). 

You will explore different methods for sustainable work and listening; moving towards the closest smallest step/action, and replacing burnout or fatigue with the emotion of stewardship acting or prototyping by integrating your past experience and allowing foresight (future based) thinking.


The program work

You register to experience the process on your own time and at your own pace; you can also experience the process in LIVE sessions in small groups or 1 to 1 reflections on your own work, you will be both free and supported while you proceed. Once registered, you will receive an invitation to join an online virtual class environment and from there the practice of each module. 


Joining LIVE sessions ( ~ 90 min sessions/module)

the program will be announced to registered participants

Is it for me?

Cultivating this interior condition of insightfulness & collective thinking takes practice and feeling an environment of safety & trust, being both supported and free, in which the deep learning becomes possible.

What this program provides


This program is a 2  weeks program, depends on your own pace:
    •   4 Live Zoom Sessions with the facilitator and your cohort to support & deepen your learning;
    •    Online platform to access practices & recorded material;
    •    Daily practice schedule to deepen your capacity;  
    •    Support to connect your individual practice with a wider systems-change perspective experimenting a Coaching Circle session with 4-5 coaches to reflect back on your case/idea.


Andreea Gatman –  ICF Certified Coach, Team Coach ICF certified, U Lab (MIT) practitioner and Awarness Leadership MIT practitioner, Eunos Trainer in Finland since 2016, trainer for Nekovri Netherlands, 7 years Director in ICT company in Romania, MBA in PGM Modul University Vienna & MES Graz University & EURAC Bolzano.

Caregivers fatigue- Practicing Awareness Leadership

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