“ The good, the bad and the ugly”.. teaching (with) Creativity

2 years ago ( from The Science Basement in Helsinki), I assisted to a presentation from a Biologist; she presented in this manner: “ the good, the bad and the ugly”…bacterias you can find in concrete buildings and that are affecting our lungs. I was simply fascinated. It had nothing to do with the subject,Continuă lectura „“ The good, the bad and the ugly”.. teaching (with) Creativity”

Teaching as Designing

Teachers as designers, or design-based teaching… this article invites you to flip the reality of education in the last year or so. Reality as not something you think should have happened (as this was a completely new context and old patterns of thinking do not serve to thrive out of), or you planned but ratherContinuă lectura „Teaching as Designing”

Insightful learning 20/21

“Coaching everyday creativity means practicing new insights that can take place when we train our mind to look at things from different perspectives” ( Lonka 2018) During 2020, teachers have, with incredible speed, adapted; now we look at the process with reflection & slowing down, so we can see how we allow improvisation (and when),Continuă lectura „Insightful learning 20/21”

Învățarea bazată pe intuiții 20/21

„Antrenarea creativității de zi cu zi înseamnă practicarea intuiției care poate avea loc atunci când ne antrenăm mintea să privească lucrurile din perspective diferite” (Lonka, 2018) În 2020, profesorii s-au adaptat cu o viteză incredibilă, acum ne uităm la proces cu “încetinitorul” (profesorul ca cercetător activ), astfel încât să putem vedea cum permitem improvizația înContinuă lectura „Învățarea bazată pe intuiții 20/21”

Success happens at the margins

“We prototype all the time,” says Irina S. in a conversation we had a month ago. Irina is an adult education teacher from Sweden, qi gong master practitioner, embodiment teacher and more :), she is also one of the teachers I have been connecting & observing in the last years ( and dear friend). AsContinuă lectura „Success happens at the margins”

Create time to Celebrate your teaching/ Crea tiempo para celebrar tu enseñanza

Interview & article with José María Díaz Fuentes, teacher of the year 2020, teacher inspiring STEAM in everything he does, Jose joined our Integrated Currriculum Teaching Global Skills course in Helsinki, August 2019. In this article I invite you to follow this interview as you are part of it, take a piece of paper andContinuă lectura „Create time to Celebrate your teaching/ Crea tiempo para celebrar tu enseñanza”

Future Based Thinking: Celebrating our 2020 Prototypes

Future thinking (or foresight) What is foresight & future thinking keeping it short & simple have a look at this resource ( 3 benefits of Future thinking). Why „Learning”.. I have been working with teachers all this year and it has been absolutely amazing work. My focus has been for at least 6 years ifContinuă lectura „Future Based Thinking: Celebrating our 2020 Prototypes”

Make teaching (feel) easy

2020 was a year of prototyping and adapting education all over the world. It might seem contradictory in such a context to talk about how can teaching feel easy. My guest for this article is Jenni Sipola, class teacher I have known for 4 years and she is one of the main sources for observingContinuă lectura „Make teaching (feel) easy”

Distance education will transform the world

There have been opinions in the media that the corona crisis is a backlash to globalization and digitalization. Could that be true?  When I read news about the amazing profits of Amazon, Apple, Alphabet/Google, Facebook and Microsoft, the biggest global enterprises, I have my doubts. They have increased their sphere of influence around the world.Continuă lectura „Distance education will transform the world”

Invatarea vizibila

Planificare, planificare, planificare Unul dintre factorii de succes ai educației finlandeze este educația clinică a profesorilor (clinical based learning). Începând cu primii ani de facultate, studenții-profesori învață direct în școli.  Astfel, cand termina facultatea si se pot angaja într-o școală, au deja 2 ani în care au invatat direct in școli, alături de profesori-tutori. InContinuă lectura „Invatarea vizibila”