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Our Programs

ActOnLearning programs include coaching competences, STEAM, digital, management. More will be added as we transfer learning to organizations & individuals. 

We support local programs with global support in different languages they can be offered in English or in your own language (contact us for that).

A platform for local training & coaching with global support

Our coaching & training programs are prototypes from the work we do with teachers & any group interested in learning as life competence

Our Collaborators

We are all different, with diverse lives, from different cultures, different fields of intervention, styles, and backgrounds but what is consistent is that all are committed and inspirational people.

It always starts with people coming together.

Participants are creating the road we follow…meet the team for local training & coaching programs with global support

Tuovi Ronkainen – Tuovi was highschool principal, teacher, Consultant for a Finnish school in Albania, she is teaching now primary level students. She has studied in the last years future thinking & future skills at Turku University.

Nina Vuorio – Nina is special education teacher for upper secondaries, she was an English teacher as well. She is now working in two highschools in Vantaa, one specialized in mathematics and one in arts. 

Annika Tonts – Annika Tonts is an artist & art teacher in Pelgulinna Gymnasium in Tallinn. She is a multidisciplinary teacher, supporting mindfulness practices with her art teaching, innovative practices like art as scribbling for generative learning. You can follow Annika’s work here

Jenni Sipola – Jenni is a class teacher & digital tutor in Vantaa. She is always interested in bringing new tools & methods, agile learning & fosters student agency. She has won a Fulbright scholarship for Digital ( teaching with Robotics) and will teach in USA for 1 year. You can follow Jenni here

Tonya Aurto – Tonya has been in school administration for the last 16 years in the Swedish-speaking school in Vantaa. She is Canadian Swedish and has been organizing school visits for many years, she is a perceptive presenter for school culture.

Lauri Jantti – Lauri is an artist & support education teacher. He organized City as Designer project within Helsinki Design Week & support an integrative approach to learning. You can follow one of Lauri’s projects here https://arsmoriendi.fi/

Arto Martikainen – Arto is School principal, he has managed his school redesign project to meet new learning ways & environments demands, he is also the manager of the girls’ football team. You can read about Arto’s work here

Irina Sadakova – Irina is an educational facilitator, practitioner of U lab MIT method, Qi gong guide, teacher in adult education school in Sweden, and EPALE ambassador. Irina has been studying and applying embodiment methodology to foster learning & wellbeing.

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