Future Based Thinking: Celebrating our 2020 Prototypes

Future thinking (or foresight)

What is foresight & future thinking keeping it short & simple have a look at this resource ( 3 benefits of Future thinking).

Why „Learning”..

I have been working with teachers all this year and it has been absolutely amazing work. My focus has been for at least 6 years if not all my life on learning: how does it happen, how do I feel so great when I am learning, what is the social mechanism ( technology) behind that makes this action so natural & needed for humans ( and actually more than human. 

Learning is like breathing we do it and not realise 🙂 ( sometimes). If you want to follow up on this process learning as a human value, you can consider this article Bohm with Krishnamurti.

when you are simply in the presence of great teachers, source of the picture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skSh1FUXXZE

Model & framing

When it comes to Future Based Thinking or Foresight Thinking, we can build our own model for doing the work “ our muscles” – it is a mindset, as any mindset needs to be “owned” ( you make it yours) and practiced ( build routines). I actually propose with this article & webinars a model based on 2 models. One is Action Based Learning- model from Kolb ‘87 with the adaptations of Peter Hawkins and Theory U from MIT Otto Scharmer & Presencing Institute.

model adapted from Theory Ui https://www.presencing.org/

Action webinar

With this article we are proposing webinars in different languages with communities of “you”s. How do you know if you are a “you”s and this practice/webinar could be a good time allocated? Let’s see: do you like trying different things (doesn’t really matter if you act on them just trying), do you appreciate presence and discovering new things about you ( although you might think I have known me all my life :)), do you read & get interested about small/big innovations around you (your life, work) then I invite you in Future Based Thinking – Celebrating 2020 Prototypes webinar. 

First webinar will be on 28th December , duration ~120min & proposed times 11 am or 5 pm EET.

Register & participate
If you join from  Romanian and would like this webinar in Romanian language just click ” inregistreaza-te aici” and it will take you where you need to be 🙂

In January we will offer it in  English & Italian so let us know you are interested and we will contact you. If you want it in another language German or Spanish comes to mind let us know we have plenty of collaborators happy to offer this webinar and program for Spanish Community, for German Communities and other Communities of Learning around. 

Program Facilitator ( adding collaborators very soon :))

Andreea Gatman– ICF certified Coach, more than 400h of coaching, 10 years certified trainer more then 8000 participants, I have been working in different cultures with organisations all over europe since 2002 , I have graduated Presencing Institute U Lab from MIT program this year. I believe in multiculturality as a way of working & being and coaching so there are guests and colleagues – sources of inspiration and co-learning in all the programs I am in.

Multumim pentru gând! ;)

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